We offer 4 distinct service offerings that cover the majority of requests from plan sponsors as it relates to 3(16) services. If you have a unique situation and would like us to mix together a custom solution, please reach out to our sales team to discuss.

Basic Level

For those sponsors looking for some additional support with administration of loans and distributions, or even those sponsors looking to give limited scope 3(16) services a shot, Basic Level is a good option. Highlights of the Basic Level service include loan and distribution review and execution, annual participant locator search, annual vesting review, and monitoring of the recordkeeper message center.

Notices Only Level

Many things in the world of ERISA can be confusing, but the Notices Only service level is not! With the Notices Only service level our service team will handle the distribution of all required notices, including both traditional mailing and digital distribution options. In addition to notice distribution, our service team will also assist with ensuring beneficiary forms are up to date and stored either with the recordkeeper or in our own secure cloud.

Partner Level

Account managers working with our Partner Level clients must have a PhD in all things ERISA. As the primary fiduciary contact for plan administration for both the TPA and the recordkeeper, we step into the shoes of plan sponsor and handle the administrative tasks that would otherwise fall to the plan sponsor to handle! Highlights of the Partner Level service include all services outlined in the Basic and Notices only service levels, as well as an assistance with preparing and reviewing the annual non-discrimination testing package, performing a semi-annual reconciliation of employee deferrals to payroll records, reviewing and executing Form 5500 as the named Plan Administrator, assistance with the Form 5500 audit for large filers, and compliance with the Plan’s Fidelity Bond coverage requirements.

Payroll Automation

Working in the lab of creativity often results in new discoveries, and the Fiduciary Payroll Integration service level is an example of a service that, once discovered, was an immediate hit. Highlights of the Fiduciary Payroll Integration service level include creating a 180 or 360 level of integration between the recordkeeper and payroll provider. In addition to the integration, our account managers authorize the ACH submissions and payroll related changes, on a per payroll basis. Our team is also able to assist with the submission of the annual census data that is necessary to perform the required compliance testing and preparation of Form 5500.

Group Offerings


co-fiduciary taking over administrative tasks that are normally the responsibility of the employers, thus helping employers more effectively fulfill their fiduciary responsibilities and saving internal company time.


Pooled Plan Provider for Pooled Employer Plans.


Qualified Trust Company services provides administrative services for small balance force-out IRAs and will also serve as a corporate trustee for Pooled Employer Plans.


NOVA 401(k) Associates is our sister organization that provides third party administrative services for tax-qualified plans.

Service FAQs

For frequently asked questions about fiduciary responsibilities and fiduciary types, please see the fiduciary information section of our website. The below frequently asked questions concern our service offerings.

Will AFS serve as the sole 3(16) administrator?

No. Our business model is to serve as a delegated 3(16) administrator. We acknowledge our co-fiduciary status as a delegated 3(16) administrator in our engagement agreement.

Will AFS serve as an investment fiduciary?

No. We are only available to serve as an administrative fiduciary.

What are the employer’s responsibility during the implementation process?

During the implementation process, the employer will need to supply important plan records including a completed and fully executed plan document.

Does the employer remit employer contributions through the AFS website?

No, the employer continues to remit employer contributions through the record-keeper website.

Some record-keepers offer revenue sharing programs. Does AFS participate in those programs? How is that reflected in your fees?

AFS does not receive any indirect compensation from any record-keeper. We direct bill employers for our services.

May an employer choose to pay AFS fees from the plan?

We believe that our services are consistent with DOL guidance regarding fees that may be paid from a plan. However, this determination must be made by the plan, and if necessary the plan’s ERISA counsel.

We need a specific administrative fiduciary service that is not listed on your website. Can you assist with that?

We do offer custom fiduciary services, we invite you to contact us to discuss your need and we will see if we can assist you.