Vendor Specific Solutions

We believe the best 3(16) solutions are tailor-crafted to complement each recordkeeper’s offering.  There is a great variety of a record-keepers and they each have different strengths and weaknesses.  They each offer employers and participants support in different ways.  We offer record-keeper specific 3(16) packages that complement the service offerings of that record-keeper.  For example, if a particular record-keeper automatically mails 404a-5 notices to participants with account balances, then why does the employer or 3(16) administrator need to duplicate that task?  Or, if  a record-keeper has mechanisms in place to mail distribution packages to terminated participants, then why would the employer or 3(16) not take advantage of that service?  Our 3(16) approach plays to the strengths of each particular record-keeper and complements the record-keeper service offering.

Our current record-keeping partners are as follows:

Great West


John Hancock Group Annuity Product



We are adding more vendor partners in the near future.