As an employer, sometimes it feels like you are bombarded with  to-do items for your 401(k) plan Too much 401(k) work– select the investments, monitor the investments, enroll participants, mail out notices to participants, remit employee contributions, sign the Form 5500, and sign the Form 8955-SSA.  And, while your 401(k) providers help, sometimes you need more help.  That is where we come in.  We provide specialized administrative services to 401(k) plan sponsors, and we are serious about the support that we provide.  We serve as a delegated 3(16) co-fiduciary for the services that we provide.  We can assist with distribution management, notice preparation and mailing, review of items prepared by third party administrators and bundled providers, government filing review and much more.  Our services vary depending on the record-keeper and the level of service elected, but we generally are available to assist with the following:

Loan and Distribution Manager

  • Accept signing authority or approval for loans and distributions
  • Review and approve QDROS
  • Handle cash-outs according to the plan document
  • Approve hardship distribution

Non-discrimination Testing Manager

  • Review non-discrimination test
  • Review and approve corrections done by distributions

Government Filing Services

  • Review and sign the Form 8955-SSA
  • Review and sign the Form 5500-SF
  • Review the Form 5500 and audit report

Participant Notice/Mailing Services

  • Review notices prepared by providers
  • Mail notices to participants